Who’s raising narcissist that all insist

that they’re the one to follow?

OR is my perception smothered by

the truth of my own sorrow.

Who am I to think that I’ve

got it all figured out

To be confident and  ignorant

riddling all with doubt.

I’m isolated by complicated

views of the world.

Mixed in my feelings of proving

that I’m that girl

Only time will tell if I will step out of this shell

In the heat of it,

Im trickled with

The fact that it is hell.

Humanity is what I share

With who i can’t relate

but when racism, ignorance, and stupidity

show their face.

Im sick with rage, i’m sick with hate

And a smile i cannot fake.

One more attempt, Im giving it

So judge me by my fate.


Expectin’ A Little Girl

See I wanted to name you Isis

But that wouldn’t be the nicest

Way to start your life since

You’d probably always fight it

Wonderin’ What’s my logic

When I just want what’s righteous

They associate our Egypt

With everything unjesus

Associate our history

With witchcraft and mystery

And I just think the truth would free my

brothers from this misery

See Isis was a Goddess

Amongst all the smartest

Children and their fathers

No patriarch had bothered

And I want you to reflect that

Tho’ ya name could be a set back

I don’t wanna regret that

And see thats is where I’m torn at

See I want to install confidence

Over acute common sense

Not bout’ where to put commas’ in

But inquire bout’ why you learning it

Contradict the nerve of this

System that base’ intelligence

On memory based elements

They depreciate who innovates

who’ll sit amongst the rich awake

Speak that and make your teacher shake

Talk slow, make your receiver wait

Be sure in how you elevate

be humble, there’s no rude awake

But back to that thing confidence

Sometimes I just get lost in this


The pressure is exhausting

It, Causes constant arguments

between conscious me and insecure she

Unready to be fully thee

Mother you are soon to see

The daddy that your soon to meet

will worship you from head to feet

He’s gonna shower you with love

& I can’t wait to see

My baby playing with Daddy right in front of me

Never concentrate on what you think you may lack

The biggest advantage that you have

is that you’ll be born black

Our society makes it hard to see

That’s something to be proud to be

yet we’ve been great for centuries

built way more than this country

with things in chiner, finer

than the wall that they deem higher

Than pyramids all over

that they claim was really not us

Be prepared, do not be scared

Because in you we’re sparking fire

They’ll teach you bout an Einstein

but not about his sources

How Alexander and Socrates

came to Egypt then imported

restricted facts of ancient gods

in which included foreign

geometries, and so Pythagoras defrauded

the theorem unto which much credit he afforded

I’m just so convinced that confidence would be restored if

We knew we were responsible for much more than the fortunes

Afforded by the white men

Who enslaved us, but despite them

The fact remains your mighty

So you can think this over lighlty



Fake Glory

I often ponder

Or Meditate

On the world’s current state

Wonderin’ how’d we gravitate

To everything being fake

I mean listen

Think of all the things that we were given

Like humans… real actual shit

But we kill them

Over values and opinions.

We under appreciate and berate

Whenever we can’t relate

And would much rather think

About everything fake

like diamonds

Wait. Now let me refine this

A random privileged person just saw the divine it


Now a poor kids mining it and likely stressed

Over the thought of losing his job

if this rock is not his best

It’s all about the Benjamin’s

maybe more but never less

Fake glory a priority in this world we living in

And what is sin?

When way back then….

Purgatory could be avoided

Through the purchase of indulgence

Just as long as you could afford it

Then Martin Luther came

With that 91 Thesis

and had the Catholics heated

But that’s enough

The whole point of this stuff

was to mention the evolution of the word you die by

it’s constantly changing like the long hand on my watch

Fake Glory.

Someday you’ll see who’s the true God in that story

My Apologies… That was Kemet speaking for me

That Ankh means more than what you think

Everyone’s stuck at the notion we were only kings and queens

When we were more

But what the hell I’m talking bout this for?

When I wanted a really nice ring from the store

Asked my man to save more…


Heres what I did it for

Someone to not look at me

And think that i am poor

To think that I have less

And that I’m not striving for

The white picket fence

Nice family of four, maybe more

So freaking insecure

When i define myself

by the crap i paid for

And yeah, you probably do it too

But you living on snooze

I couldn’t speak louder, but you snore

What a chore

To have to think about why you need a Micheal Kors.

Fake Glory… likely everybody’s story

But I don’t wanna pick you apart

So Imma talk about some more me

I constantly delete my IG

Facebook and snapchats

Why? Cuz here’s what I see

Celebrities with pretty manufactured bodies

Old friends that seem to have this vibrant societies

Females that inspire me. Fierce like the lion king

And thoughts begin to creep

Like.. could i ever embody thee

Beauty queens with makeup skills

That entirely diminishes the qualities

That they really don’t wanna see

Then I’m having thoughts

Like I want to have it all

The followers and attention that these women cry for

Then there’s a knock at the door

It’s my husband for sure

With that look of happiness

Like he couldn’t ask for more

Such a beauty… a constant reflection of the true me

So I delete the media and avoid the fake glory, reading everybody’s story…..

and I’ll reactivate it shortly.




My benevolence

To the intelligence


Is fading

Witnessing modernized


While we’re waging

War on all these places

And what for?

These unfamiliar faces

Say it’s

for freedom of our patriots

But it just doesn’t make sense

These terrorist

Barely make it

Strapping themselves to grenades


Dying for their faith

Sounds crazy to these made men

Who believe that Jesus making

Intentional strife and hatred

For those who cannot take him

Serious. Ain’t no amen

When Preachers like to rape men

But back to the main page then

Who’d pick a fight

With a bully

Not a man

Damn sure not a country

America is so funny

This country cannot run me.

I live here

I work here

But I’m free here

I’ll continue to think like me dear

While you avoid your deep fears

Believing all that seems clear


~thinking machine

Today was a good day

The selfie stick dilemma

Today was alright

In spite of tonight

As my attention is taken

By my cell phone light.

Here’s why it’s weird

Cuz my husband’s right here

As Awake as can be

Barely speaking to me

Well, let’s get this straight

This man is my life

My king, my light,

My sunny delight

we both can be stubborn

so I hate these nights

But today was still good

Because here’s what I know

The bond that we have

Does nothing but grow

Through nights like this

Where we go to sleep pissed

One of us will give in

And plant a sweet kiss

Then it all will be over

And We’ll wake up in bliss



Black Lives.

Hey read along….

Now first of all I’d like to say that I understand Oppression

All of the obstacles we face in place to limit our progression

Freddie Gray and Trayvon Martin and the list goes on

My heart goes out to you and may your families stay strong

Now Let’s talk about 8 old Year Old Gabby Hill Carter… RIP she’s gone now because a stray bullet caught her…

Tyshawn Lee, Amari Brown, & Emontae Johnson…

All Precious Black lives that were killed under 10

So where the people at then? Outraged for their kin?

How we got win when we aint right within?

Yall like Damn that’s super sad, but it’s cuz we afflicted

And then try to explain it, cuz white folks don’t get it

It’s all in the game, that’s just the way it is

We justify these actions and don’t rage for these kids?

So black lives only matter when a white man is the killer?

where the protests at when a nigga kill a nigga?

We validate these deaths by pointing to the system

Welfare, Oppression and Miseducation killed Em’

so what’s the difference?

The ignorance of a thug and of a cop

A hustler who doesn’t understand life beyond the block

And a racist who can’t understand a color that he’s not

Both results in the burning end of a Glock

But only one has you outraged and sick and tired

And yelling Black Lives Matter…


As I resume, I presume that I have your attention

Black Lives Matter to me, But I want you to listen

We’re so consumed with America and Its own downfalls

Failing to recognized that worldwide We don’t matter at all

So as I read I ascertain some valued information

About how a Zimbabwe’n leader is doing his nation

The people are protesting about the debt that they face

Beat them, and if you have to kill them he states

I was fuming with anger at the treachery there

And then I realized we face the same thing here

Everyone we disagree with has to be an uncle tom

But the real sellouts will have us right in their palm

Our celebrities make it out of the struggle on a ticket

Get money and do nothing but boast and brag with it

Give out some coats and some shoes or a little school supplies

Just to say they did something, but fail to realize

That the Gold chains, diamonds and brands that they Flaunt;

Are the only things they’re teaching the poor kids to want.

Brag about some education. That’ll really help your people.

Give them the opportunity to be in the race with you.

How do you Say Black Lives Matter, & then record a song;

About Killing niggas and how wifin’ hoes is wrong?

Now Im not gonna get into why women should love themselves

But if we don’t respect each other why should anybody else

Do you get it? Those lyrics result in a daddy out the house

and a young boy hustling to put some food up in his mouth

or a young lady desperate for a man she’s been without

You see…Nobody has to oppress us anymore

We’ve been speeding up the death process x4

The Real Virgo.

I hate that I’m a Virgo

I’m hidden in a dark hole

With depth like the blue sea

but all you see is charcoal

I don’t wanna be a flag pole

I’d like to be a flag tho

Free-er than a lost soul

Wherever that I go

I don’t wanna come home

home to my own mind

Thinking like I’m Einstein

When everything is all fine

Who gave you the power

to blow like a turbine?

While I remain a robot

or a shame preserving mime

Out of Site but still in line

You ask a penny for my thoughts

And I may request a dime.

You wanna know what I’ll say?

Probably what they all do…

I’ll describe my views

but decrease the volume

Toning down my passion

So that I don’t appall you

Diminishing the value

Of the picture that I drew

Now your doubting my truth

Thinking that im basic

cuz I failed to give you Lasic

So your blind to the matrix

That I see from my spaceship